You Can’t Always Get What You Need

Do you know that Rolling Stones song that goes, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need?”  So often these days, I’m feeling like it is the opposite.  Every store I go into seems to recite a different version of the same mantra.  “Sorry sir.  You can’t always get what you need.  But if you look around our store, you just might find, you get what you want.”

Ruby and I have a joke about Costco, although it certainly applies to most stores, that they are on opposite seasons.  Whenever we go in, we make a point to look for wrong seasoned items and then point, laugh, and say “Silly Costco!”  Last week they put out their bathing suits.  In January.  In Vermont.  We noticed their first Christmas items in August.  However, do not go to Costo on, say, a hot day in summer and expect to find a bathing suit.  You will be more likely to find a snow shovel.

Last year, during our extreme rainy/floody season, I went out looking for a raincoat for my wife.  I probably spent upwards of twelve hours over the period of a few days, calling, shopping at, and visiting different places with a complete lack of success.  I was told that raincoats are, of course, “seasonal” items, and nobody had had one in stock since February, or maybe early March.  Why not a single store in the state of Vermont thought to carry a raincoat during the months with, you know, rain, is a mystery to me.  Surely people must lose their raincoats to wear and tear during the times that they use them the most.  Surely there is money to be made here!  But you can’t get what you need.  Only what you want.  Here, buy this cute sundress instead!

I feel the same way about food.  What my body needs is whole, unprocessed, non-chemicaled foodstuffs, but everywhere I go I find what I want instead, which is bleached flour, refined sugar, and a whole ton of mad-made crap.  And as cool as man is, stuff man makes has yet to ever catch up to anything God has made.  If only God had made brussell sprouts taste like twinkies!  But it doesn’t matter anyway, because most store and restaurants don’t sell what I need.  Only what I want.

It’s sort of gotten to the point where I almost don’t even know what I need anymore.  I know what I want, because I am reminded and told over and over again, every moment of every day.  But I think what I really need, is to know what I need.  And then I need some place to sell it.  Because a bathing suit is not going to cut it when snowpants is what I need.  Although it is pretty cute…  Fine!  One bathing suit.  But that’s it!  okay…  and the muffins…

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