You Hello This One

My son is very polite.  For a three year old, I get more ‘please’s and ‘thank you’s out of him that I could ever even hope to expect.  He is quick with a ‘you’re welcome’ and full of ‘I’m sorry’s when he bashes you in the face with his head, which is about every twenty minutes or so.  In fact, he is so polite that it extends to his play.

When Edward wants you to play toys with him, he does not say “Play with that toy,” or “You be this guy over here.”  No, he says “You Hello this one,” and hands you a Little Einstein, a matchbox car, or a Sesame Street friend.  He says this because every toy interaction starts out the same way.

Big Bird: “Hello.”
Thor, God of Thunder: “Hello.”
Big Bird: “How you doin’ today Thor?”
Thor: “Oh, I’m good Big Bird, how are you?”
Big Bird: “I’m good sweetie.  Did you have a good sleep last night?”

And so on and so forth.  Edward loves to play small talk.  Toys are often saying goodbye to each other, and ‘I’ll be right back, see you later,” and then they will fly away across the room for a few seconds, returning moments later to start the whole process over again with another “Hello!”  Edward and I will spend hours helloing his toys

They also love to help each other out of holes.  When the toys are not standing around chatting about how their days are going, they are falling into pits. This invariably leads to the other toys helping out their fallen comrades and generally being polite some more.

Super Why: “Ahhhhhh!”
Thomas the Tank Engine: “What’s wrong, sweetie?”
Super Why: “I’m stuck in a hole!  Help me!”
Thomas: “Okay Super Why, I help you.”
Super Why: “Thank you Thomas.  Thank you helping me.”
Thomas: “You welcome.”
Super Why: “Thank you helping me out that hole, Thomas.”
Thomas: “You welcome Super Why.”
Super Why: “Thank you so much!”
Thomas: “You welcome.”
Super Why: “How is your day, sweetie?”

Also, the toys call each other ‘sweetie’ a lot, which I don’t quite get.  I never call him sweetie.  I don’t recall hearing my wife call him that a lot, but somebody must have said it at some point, and it stuck.  Now it is the default term of endearment among all of the local toys.

I guess, since he spends most of his day crashing into things, screaming at the top of his lungs, and wildly bashing his head around, he needs a place to get out all of his non-aggression, and play time with toys fills that need for him.  It’s nice that he can be so calm and polite in such a safe environment.  After all, play is just practice for life, right?  And I know that, after watching my son play with his toys, he is going to grow up to be a loving, helpful person that anybody would be happy to call a friend, and who falls into a lot of holes.

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