2012 Highlight Reel

Wow.  Another year, come and gone.  It’s hard to believe.  But since this is the last day of 2012, and tomorrow we all get to start a new year, with all of the hope and possibility that that entails, it seems like a good time to reflect on the past year of life.  Thank goodness I have the whole Tenor Dad archive to sort through, since I can’t really remember much of what happened.  Life’s kind of a blur when you spend most of it chasing small children around.  What happened a year ago…?  Hmmmm….  Oh yeah!  I remember!

I WON A SINGING CONTEST  – It was almost a year ago now that I went to the mall and won a chance to sing the national anthem at Fenway Park.  That was pretty sweet.  What else did I do this year?

WE GOT A NEW CARWe finally sold our old car and bought a new/old one from my brother-in-law.  That’s a pretty big event, so we’ll stick that in the “important” category.

I LEARNED TO MAKE BISCUITS AND SAUSAGE GRAVY –  This may not seem momentous, but just ask my wife.  It was.

I DID MY CONTRACT WITH THE METI spent April and May in New York covering at the Met for their production of Billy Budd.  The pinnacle of my operatic career (so far), it was both terrifying and awesome.

WE MOVED! – We left Richmond, Vermont and headed north to Burlington, where we are enjoying the finer things in life, like sidewalks and laundry.

I WORKED ON A FARM – Don’t get me wrong, I was cooking cheeseburgers, not feeding cows or anything, but this was a major part of my life this past year.  I met a lot of great people and ate a lot of great food!

WE TOOK A LIGHTHOUSE TOUR OF MAINEEverybody needs a vacation, and this one was a lot of fun.  My father grew up down the road from a lighthouse, and I spent my summers in that house as well, so lighthouses are very big in my family.  Maine has some good ones, so check them out if you get the chance!

RUBY STARTED KINDERGARTENI still can’t decide if this is a good thing or not…

EDWARD STOPPED SLEEPING – Out of everything on this list, this has definitely affected me the most.  I hope this phase ends soon, because he still doesn’t want to sleep, and it’s been months.  I’m so tired…

WE RETURNED TO BALTIMORESure, it was only for a weekend, but the whole family had a great time visiting with all of our old friends.

I WROTE A BOOKYes, I spent a whole month writing a book, and I actually finished it!  I’m in the middle of editing it right now, but when I’m done you can all come over and read it!

WE HOSTED OUR FIRST GINGERBREAD HOUSE MAKING PARTYI say first because it was such a success that I’m sure we will be doing it again.

Yep, this was an exciting and busy year, and that list is only a small sampling of what actually happened.  Between Ruby’s health issues, me teaching Sunday School, actually singing at Fenway Park, taking trips to Cape Cod and Quebec City, and auditioning like crazy, this year has completely worn me out.  I’m going to go take a nice long nap and I’ll talk to you all again next year.

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