Three Days to Adventure!

It’s getting real up in here people! We are three days away from Edward’s Make-a-Wish adventure trip to New York City, and we have the details. Well, most of the details. Okay, none of the details. But we have the schedule and the general overview, and this trip is going to be packed! It is going to be so packed, in fact, that I cannot guarantee that I will post something every (or any) day next week. Just giving you the heads up. If I have time to write out a few thoughts, I will, but rest assured that when we return I will package it all together in glorious detail for your enjoyment. Because what could be better than looking at someone else’s vacation photos?!

I have never seen Edward this excited about anything before, ever. And in a slightly more mature way. Yeah, I have seen him get realllllllly excited about the ice cream truck, but this is different. He is crossing off each calendar day religiously at bedtime, whereas he spent all of advent trying to open his religious calendar all at once. He talks about the trip every morning, afternoon, and evening. He has been counting down for the past several weeks. “Today is 18 days! That means tomorrow will be 17 days! And the day after that will be 16 days! And then 15…” It’s nice that this routine has gotten shorter lately, but it is, and has always been, extremely cute.

Today when he gets home from school he has already told me that he is going to start packing. Now that we have our departure time from home (8 am Monday), he knows that we cannot pack day-of. No, he is being excited in a very responsible way, and it is awesome. I think this trip has already achieved its stated purpose before we have even taken it: to give him hope and something to look forward to. Not to jinx it, but it has now been over 5 months of no seizures, we are off of the worst of the medications, and things are looking up. Way up. Like, helicopters and airplanes up.

So we’re ready for family adventure number 5, and possibly  6, 7, and 8 as well. I will try to post more regularly on instagram and facebook as the week progresses, so be sure to follow me there if you aren’t already, and you may see a post here on this site, or you may not. We shall see where the adventure takes us! And if we don’t talk next week, I’ll see you on the 23rd!

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