Bear Turns 7

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since Bear turned 6, but it has.  And yesterday was Bear’s 7th birthday.  We almost forgot about it, despite the fact that Ruby had purchased his birthday present with her allowance money weeks ago, but luckily we remembered at the last minute and ran out to get a cake and ice cream for him to watch us eat.


The thing he wanted most for his birthday was a pet, because I guess he was jealous of our new puppy, so Ruby got him a pet unicorn, which he really enjoyed.  Also, oh, wait a second, apparently I am being told that Bear wants to say something to you all.

IMG_1177 IMG_1178 IMG_1179 IMG_1180  IMG_1182 IMG_1183 IMG_1184 IMG_1185


Ok, well, thank you Bear (and Ruby).  So bear liked his present and his party, and he has survived another year, even with the constant threat of puppy attacks.  I’d say it was a good day.  And next year we’ll try to get a bigger cake so I don’t have to abbreviate “Happy Birthday” as “H.B.”



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