We Finally Know What We’re Doing! – Gingerbread House Party 2014

As you may recall from my posts on Gingerbread House Decorating Party year 1 and year 2, we have traditionally had some issues with this amazing annual event that my wife likes to organize.  We have had houses falling down.  We have had walls and roofs breaking.  We have run out of time, money, and energy. […]

Quest For the Perfect Halloween Dance Party Mix

We are having a Halloween dance party on Friday, and I have been put in charge of the music.  Apparently my living room dance parties are now the stuff of legend, and so I gladly took on this task.  But if I was going to do this, and it wasn’t just going to be in-house, […]

Bear Turns 7

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since Bear turned 6, but it has.  And yesterday was Bear’s 7th birthday.  We almost forgot about it, despite the fact that Ruby had purchased his birthday present with her allowance money weeks ago, but luckily we remembered at the last minute and ran out to […]

An Evil Cliché Comes True

Every morning for the past infinity days, we have had to drag my daughter out of bed and rush her crying off to school because, like her father, she is a night owl.  She stays up in her bed reading until who-knows-when, and mornings are not her time to shine.  I empathize.  If I could […]

How to Ditch Your Kids and Enjoy Yourself at a Party

“Nooooooo!  We don’t want to go to a boring work party!” shouted the kids in unison. “But kids,” I said with a twinkle in my eye, “get in the car.  Or else.” “Nooooooooooooooooo!” So off we went to a boring work party, by which I mean an awesome party at a big house on an […]

How Martha Stewart Tried to Ruin My Oscars Party

For the eleventh year in a row, or, as my daughter put it, starting waaaaaaaayyyyy before she was born, we hosted an Oscars party at which to watch the Academy Awards telecast.  Food, prizes, and fun were had by everyone, especially my six-year-old who was promised that she could stay up to watch the performance […]

Hogwarts Party Crashing

When I found out that one of the kids from my church was turning ten today, I was very excited.  Ten is a very exciting birthday.  You get an extra digit!  Ten is awesome!  But I suppose I probably would have left well enough alone under normal circumstances.  And then I found out that she […]

Yeah, We Made Ten Giant Gingerbread Houses. What?

We had this brilliant idea.  After last year’s successful Gingerbread House Decorating Party, we thought, “Hey, we’ve got this down now!  We can be smooth and streamlined now!  We will make the houses smaller and more sturdy!  We will be organized ahead of time!  We will have it together!”  But like most brilliant ideas, it […]

How I Spent My Summer, By Bear

Hello.  This is Bear.  I am using my magic and taking over the computer.  I think there should be more posts about bears, so I am going to tell you all about the fun bear things that I did this summer. To start with, Ruby took me with her to Syracuse.  I tried to drive […]

Bear’s Birthday

Last Monday was Bear’s birthday.  Most of Ruby’s toys have birthdays that either fall on her birthday, or on Chirstmas, and the rest of them have birthdays that we cannot remember because they came home to live with us at assorted unremarkable times.  This is not the case with Bear.  I’m not sure if it […]