The Tenth Annual Oscar Party

Wow.  Ten years.  My Oscar party is older than my children and older than my marriage.  But one thing that will never get old is eating nachos, hanging out with friends, and talking about movies.  And then eating more nachos. We had all the standard foods this year.  Coke Zero Dark Thirty, Nachos Unchained, Life […]

Gingerbread House Making Party

Some time ago, a year? two years? my wife discovered a blog wherein an annual tradition was described.  This family held a gingerbread house making party every year, and we have been talking about doing one ever since.  This year we finally got our act together and put one on.  Six houses, six families, two […]

Planning a Tenth Anniversary Vow Renewal

The day I got married was the best day of my life.  Hands down.  And I don’t mean that to say that my marriage is that best thing ever to happen to me (though it probably is), but rather, that day was just awesome and exciting from top to bottom.  It was basically a huge […]