How the Boy Tricked Me Into Giving Him Chocolate For Breakfast

Just to give you a bit of backstory, exotic Aunt Oafanie arrived last evening bearing gifts of chocolate, which were partially consumed by the children immediately.  And that’s all you really need to know, for the scene is now set, as morning breaks into the Tenor Dad household.  Tenor Mom has just left to take Ruby to school, while Tenor Dad is tasked with preparing Edward for his day.  This includes breakfast.

“Daddy, I’m gonna eat this for breakfast!”

“No you are not, that is your sister’s chocolate!”

“But I WAnna eat Ruby’s candy!”

“NO!  Ruby will be very sad and upset if you eat her candy.  Do not touch your sister’s candy.”  This is Edward’s cue to touch his sister’s candy, and he never misses a cue.

“But I WANNA!  I want Ruby’s candy!”

“No!  You have your own candy!  Why do you want to eat Ruby’s?!”

“I want that candy!  Not my candy!”

“Well you can’t have that candy!  Ruby has the blue one and you have the yellow one!  What’s wrong with your candy?”




It wasn’t until he was getting on the bus that I realized that he had eaten a giant chocolate bar for breakfast.  Well played, my son.  Well played.  At least Ruby’s candy is safe.  *sigh*

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