We Took the Kids to Vermont Comic Con – This is What They Bought

When Edward got his superhero wish sendoff back in May, we were told by some of those super heroic folk that we would be getting passes to Vermont Comicon as well. 2016 is the third year for Vermont Comicon and I have been wanting to go for the past two years, but have always had a concert or performance on that weekend. This year I marked my calendar early and when the day arrived, the family was ready to go get our geek on!

Edward wore Ruby’s old Captain America costume. I was going to dress as Mr. Incredible, but I couldn’t find the costume packed away in the new house, so I wore a superhero t-shirt to match my wife’s superhero t-shirt. Ruby dressed as herself, which is okay because of how super she is naturally. It’s a good thing at least one of us was on costume, because Vermont nerds do not mess around. Almost everyone was in full cosplay mode. I have been to cons where only 10-20 percent of people were in costume. I think this weekend only 10-20 percent of people were not in costume! It was awesome.

Walking to Comic Con

Edward, obviously, wanted to buy something at every single table and booth, but I would only give him $5 to spend. He narrowed his choices down to five comics from the dollar bin, or a Lego minifig of a scubadiving Robin. He went with the Lego, but I got him the comics anyway because I am a sucker, and because I was also buying some comics and they were technically free.

Vermont Comic Con Stormtrooper

Ruby did not want to buy anything because she thought the place was too scary. I mean yeah, there were tons of monsters walking around, but does that make a place scary? Apparently it does. Luckily when we got to the 2nd floor things got much more kid friendly. Ruby and Edward did some Jedi training. We bought some raffle tickets to support several of the many good causes that were represented at the con, and the kids got to look around at toys and costumes and trinkets that they were unable to buy because they had already spent all of my money.

Vermont Comic Con Jedi Training

Well, Ruby did not spend all of my money. She did spend one dollar on a chocolate sword, which she ate. Edward had moved on to wanting a pair of goggles that I was definitely not going to buy for him. After I bought him the goggles it was time to head home, me with a couple of comics I needed for my collection; Edward with his Legos, comics, and goggles; and Ruby with a brown and sticky face. We had a weekend pass, but were too busy to get back on Sunday. Don’t worry, I am already marking next year on my calendar. For such a small state, we sure can pack in a lot of geekery. Good job, Vermont.


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