Top 40 Hits as Re-Written For My Children

As you know if you follow this blog, there is a trend in kids music that involves adult musicians making sophisticated albums for children. This is good, because it means parents and kids alike can listen to the same songs without anyone wanting to cover their ears. But this does not solve the issue of moms and dads wanting to listen to songs they already like that their children have no interest in. How can we grown-ups listen to our favorite songs while also keeping our children interested? Simple. Just change the words so that the kids can relate. I hope someone jumps on this project. And to get you started, here a few suggestions.

I Would Do Anything For Dessert (But I Won’t Do That*)    *eat dinner

Another Toy Bites the Dust

All About That Bus

Toddla’s Paradise

I Can Feel Your Face When I’m With You

We Are Never Ever Getting Back in Bed

I’m Messy and I Know It

Poke Her Face

I Kicked a Girl (And I Liked It)

Crib Can’t Handle Me

Drop It Cause It’s Hot

With Pants Wide Open

Mo Allowance, Mo Problems

No Seriously, We Didn’t Start the Fire

Don’t Worry, Be Naughty

I’d Like a Virgin (Daiquiri)

I’ve Had the Time-Out of My Life

PJs Got Us Fallin’ Asleep Again

Turn Netflix Down For What

And finally, without needing any adjustments whatsoever, Meghan Trainor’s current top 40 hit, “No.”

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