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Curing Epilepsy With Mozart

You know, at this point we’ll try anything. We are currently on medication number seven. We have reduced screen time. We have monitored activity levels and body stress. We are working towards cutting all sugar out of our diets (except for when, I assume, I will sneak out in the middle of the night and […]

Dog in a Snow White Costume

Blog With a Dog

Okay, I have a little bit of time to write something today. The kids are both at school; the school has not called. All is well. I have to go teach soon, but for now, I can sit here and… BARK! Well what do you want? BARK! You want to go out? Ugh. Fine. I […]

Harry Potter Books

The Age-Old Harry Potter Timeline Question

Since the dawn of recorded history, parents have been asking the same questions over and over again. No matter how many books are written or advices given, it seems that there can never be a true answer to these queries that will have parents awake in bed until the wee hours of the morning. “What […]

Lava Lamp

Lava Lamps and Disco Balls; Epilepsy and Sadness

I don’t want to write this post. I’ve spend all weekend and most of today trying to avoid it actually, but I don’t have a choice. They sent me a free lava lamp. Last week I never would have dreamed that I would be actively trying to forget one of my favorite days of the […]

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