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An Honest to Goodness Early Morning Miracle

It has happened! It is not a fluke! It has been three days in a row now, and I think it might stick! Parents, you will know of what joy I am speaking. You will feel that moment alongside of me, as all of the pain of the past melts away into a brighter tomorrow. […]

Koala Mom and Children

Stop Putting Your Children First All the Time – It’s Selfish

Do you remember being a kid and having something happen to you that was totally and completely unfair, and then vowing to make sure that you never  did the same thing to your own children someday? I sure remember moments like that, and they have led to some of the worst parenting decisions I have ever made. […]

Hospital Blood Draws

What I Said to the Woman Who Scolded My Son at the Hospital

We had been there in the basement of the hospital for hours. It was supposed to be a routine blood draw, which we have had done dozens of times before, but for some reason the orders were not in the system this time. In fact, despite the fact that we had been in for a […]

England EU Brexit

The Divided Kingdom – Brexit, Trump, & the United Methodist Church

Yesterday our cousins over in England voted to cut themselves off from their neighbors and leave the European Union in what is now know as the Brexit. This decades-long exercise in cooperation and tolerance has come to an end for the people of England, formerly of the United Kingdom. I say formerly of the United […]

Ruby Longs For the Past

Ruby’s Wish

If there was any sort of downside to Edward’s wish, and believe me you have to look pretty hard to find one thanks to the prowess and proficiency of Make-A-Wish, it was that Ruby didn’t get one. Yes, we all got to go on Edward’s amazing trip, but it was his trip. We did his favorite things, and […]

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