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Being a Grown-Up: It Isn’t All Buying Chips

Yesterday Edward and I went over to the school to pick Ruby up from soccer. I was walking with the dog and he was riding his bike. When we arrived I walked over to help Ruby get her bag, and when I turned around Edward was gone. Any parent will tell you that there is […]

music may 2016

Saddle Up! – New Music for Kids on Star Wars Day

Did you know that Star Wars was really just a western set in space? Seriously, the whole thing could have been set in Colorado and it would have worked. Farmhand and grizzled old hermit meet cowboy and go off to fight the government while trying to save the scrappy saloon owner’s daughter? Yeah, it works. […]


Stomach Small, Belly Large

When I was younger, and not that much younger, I could eat pretty much anything I wanted. Now, I don’t mean that in a “could eat many calories and not get fat,” or “could eat spicy things without heartburn” kind of way. No, I just mean that it all just…fit. Sure, I would sometimes get indigestion, […]


When Things Aren’t Hard Anymore

Today I want to talk about something I am going to call the “success delay.” I don’t know if that’s a real thing, since I just made it up, but is rings true for me anyway. I’m referring to the period of lag time that exists between the moment that things are no longer difficult, and […]

Make-a-Wish World Wish Day

How to Donate Money (For Free!) on World Wish Day

As you all know, we have a Wish Kid in the family now. He has been marking off his calendar with great joy and excitement each evening (or afternoon, if he cannot contain himself), and we are now 17 days away from an exciting adventure in Manhattan. The Make-a-Wish Foundation has spent decades giving hope […]

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