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A Few Words to the Musician Wannabes

So you want to be a musician, huh? Maybe you have some training. Maybe you have some talent. Maybe you have some drive. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you only have some of those things, but you still want to be a musician. Well, let me ask you this then: why? Do you hate money? Do […]

Super Harvest Blood Moon

Super Harvest Blood Moon 2: The Doomening

It has happened once before in my lifetime, but I was 4 years old and somehow I missed it. This time I was prepared. I would see the second Super Harvest Blood Moon, and I would see it good. To prepare for this cosmic event I did little to no research and then, at the […]

No, You Don’t Get to Go Outside and Play if You Are “Sick”

“Daddy, I’m going outside to play.” “I thought you were sick.” “I’m not sick!” “Ok, then I’m taking you to school.” “NO!” “Then you need to stay inside.” “But I’m not sick!” “Then you need to go to school.” “NO!” He was sick yesterday, and two nights ago he even had a fever, but he seemed pretty […]


Instant Playground – Just Add Imagination

Yesterday, our courtyard mysteriously filled up with cardboard boxes and a city was built. Hideouts were constructed, alliances were formed, and a world was created. Legend tells of a kitchen that was installed, causing the appearance of the boxes, but the truth may never be known. Regardless, there was fun to be had, and it was […]

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