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Ghostbusters 2016

The State of the World’s Ghostbusters in 2016

Let me be clear right from the start that the original Ghostbusters is my favorite movie of all time. And so when I was angry about the remake (and I was angry about the remake), it had nothing to do with gender, but with the fact that it would be a hard reboot, and not […]

Strike While the Inspiration is Hot

Strike While the Inspiration is Hot

I had a really great post for today. A cute story about my son! Wouldn’t that have been wonderful, after all of those ranty posts about the state of the world? I was totally going to get back to what this site is supposed to be about! I had the idea all ready to write, […]


Why I Got Stopped For Driving While Black

I have had run-ins with the police before. Generally I am driving too fast, or have a headlight out, or am destroying the DC metro system (not that it needs any help), but almost all of these interactions have been, in a way, pleasant. I am polite to the officers, apologizing for my heinous crimes, […]

Kristin Wiig Ghostbusters premiere

Why Must the Haters So Furiously Hate Together?

I am not a very good judge of quality. I know this. Sometimes it makes my job difficult; sometimes it makes my life difficult. But I have a low bar. I just like things. I am a liker. Even things that are terrible to most are enjoyable to me. Not that there aren’t things I hate; […]

hands no body

I Am Not My Body

It was as I was thinking about taking my car in for its periodic oil change and tune-up that it occurred to me. I am not my body. I inhabit my body, to be sure, but I have no more control over it than I do over my car. It isn’t me; it is something […]

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