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Please Stop Voting For Me

Last night I had the super-fun opportunity to participate in Life Of Dad‘s first Dad Singing Competition. Through the magic of Facebook Live I got to sing, head to head, with another dad who lives on the west coast. It was such a good time, even though I lost, but now I need you to […]

Looking Up Steeple

Never Stopped Looking Up

They say that you can instantly tell who the tourists are in any city by noticing who is looking up and who is looking down. The residents of the bustling metropolis have seen all the sights a million times, and their faces are firmly positioned down as they hurry off to wherever they are going […]

Wolves Socks

Rationing Out the Wolves

You live in an isolated area close to a forest. You have almost everything you need right where you are, but from time to time you need to travel to the village, which is on the other side of the woods. There are wolves in the woods.  It’s okay though, you know about the wolves, […]


Who Wants to Be a Part of a New PBS Kids Show?!

A moment of bloggy privilege if you will. Remember Mr. Chris? I told you about his album a while back, and how good it is. I got to hang out with the Okee Dokee Brothers at his farm because he is committed to bringing quality children’s music to Vermont. I also worked with him cooking […]

Edward Bow Hunting

Daddy, Will You Take Me Hunting?

This was not a question I ever wanted to answer, but there it was, hanging in midair between my son and I we were driving home. Would I take him hunting? I mean, of course not! I have never fired a gun, do not plan on ever firing a gun, have no interest in guns […]

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