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You found it! The most exciting spot on the internet! Congratulations! Now you will never have to search for fun again! Here you will find funny and interesting posts about music, parenting, and whatever else I feel like writing about that day. We also provide you with silly videos and songs, contests and giveaways, shirts with a drawing of me on them, and a community of people who also enjoy all of those things that I just mentioned. So welcome to the party! Take your time, look around a little, and let me know if you need anything. I’ll be in the back.

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I Blinked and I Missed It

Hello, my name is Tenor Dad and I am an American. As a citizen of the United States I feel as though I am entitled to all of the things at all of the times in all of the places. The idea of choosing some things while not choosing others is only acceptable to me if […]

Sir gallant of friendship

How I Became a Bully, and What I Will Tell My Kids About It

Middle school was rough. If you don’t relate to that statement in any way at all, then you clearly did not go to middle school. Junior high, grades 6-8, ages 11-13, this terrible time in any young person’s life involves their body and mind going completely insane, and a sudden, new social world emerging in […]


Your Presents Are Hidden Right There. Don’t Look.

I am, at my core, a rule follower. Yes, I like to bend them, twist them, squeak around them, and change them if I can, but in my heart of hearts I like rules. My daughter is the same way. Once there is a rule, that is it. She follows it, and expects everyone else […]

An Apology to My Wife For Something That Wasn’t My Fault

Some would say a Supermom is one who always stays at home Lunch maker and bedtime queen, or Homework helper. Bedroom cleaner. Never leaving them alone. Playdate hostess. Chaperone. Ever watching, ever there How else would they know you care? Others say that what you need is just to model and succeed. Big career and big […]


It’s Not You; It’s Me. No. It’s Us.

I was at church the other day, doing something churchy most likely, when I heard banging coming from the piano. Just the familiar sounds of someone smashing away on the keys with untrained abandon, causing complete cacophony. Without even registering the thought properly, I yelled out “Edward!” And then, as the banging continued, I realized […]

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