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You found it! The most exciting spot on the internet! Congratulations! Now you will never have to search for fun again! Here you will find funny and interesting posts about music, parenting, and whatever else I feel like writing about that day. We also provide you with silly videos and songs, contests and giveaways, shirts with a drawing of me on them, and a community of people who also enjoy all of those things that I just mentioned. So welcome to the party! Take your time, look around a little, and let me know if you need anything. I’ll be in the back.

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How to Pick the Shows Your Kids Watch

So it’s finally happened. You’ve had children and now they want to watch television. But what to watch?! There are so many kids’ shows out there these days, and if you go in blind you might accidentally end up watching (shudder) Caillou. No, this is your first chance to guide your children’s pop culture preferences, […]

The Mystery of Who Peed on Me

It was a dark and stormy night. 6:30 AM. The sky was dark and my mood was stormy. I was asleep. Suddenly, I was awoken by the sounds of gibberish. “Bwaaaa naaa, bee boop bwaaaa!” I blinked my eyes open slowly. Very slowly. My head was taking a pounding harder than a colt in Massachusetts. […]

Roll to the Rescue!

Blog Closed Due to Play

I was just sitting down to write a post for today when my son came up to me and asked if I would play Rescue Bots with him.  I’ll see you all tomorrow. Until then, please enjoy this video of a puppy trying to walk in boots. Share this!

That’s It! Christmas is Cancelled!

It is not courtyard season. We don’t see our neighbors as often as we do during the summer, when the children play on the hill and the adults sit on benches drinking cold drinks. Now if we see a familiar face, it is bundled up under a scarf or a hat, and it is only […]

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