Tenor Stuff

As a classically trained opera singer, I sometimes have things to say about music, opera, singing, or other mildly related topics.  If you are new to these pages, here are a few helpful amusing posts to get you started.

The Top Fifteen Signs You Might Be an Opera Singer

The Three Rules of Singing Opera

Should You Be an NFL Cheerleader, or an Opera Singer?

How to Tell Whether You Are Writing an Opera or a Musical

The Audition Process

How Long Does it Take to Learn an Opera?


The Difference Between Opera and Operetta

The Benefits of an Opera Voice


Help Me Pick My New Headshot

How to Learn Music So You Never Make a Mistake

How Being a Parent is the Same as Being an Opera Singer

Partially Accurate Opera Synopses

Billy Budd

Die Fledermaus

Gianni Schicchi


La Rondine


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