Dad Stuff

I spend most of my hours being a stay-at-home dad to my two children, Ruby (10) and Edward (7).  This inevitably leads to ridiculous adventures, near insanity, and plenty of wisdom gained.  If you are new to these pages, here are a few posts to get you started.

The Insincerity of Modern Parenting

How the Tree Fell on Me, and Other Stories

They’re Trying to Drive Me Crazy!

How to Ditch Your Kids and Enjoy Yourself at a Party

Parenting Mistakes I Have Made

False Hope vs. Harsh Reality

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Scare the Crap Out of ‘Em

Why My Daughter Can’t Have Super Hero Underwear

An Outward and Visible Sign of Bad Parenting

20 Things I Never Would Have Known if I Didn’t Have Children

Apology to My Neighbors

The Worst Thing About Being a Parent

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