The One Problem (That I Fixed) With the New, Viral Similac Commercial

There is a new commercial floating around the internet that you may have seen. It is an ad for Similac, and it features various cliche “Mommy Groups” facing off to do battle. The Working Moms, the Stay-at-Home Moms, the Breastfeeding Moms, the Formula Moms, the Lesbian Moms, the Yoga Moms, all in the park to […]

Why I Opted Out of Google’s Targeted Advertising

I thought it had gone away.  It had been quite some time since I had last seen mini banner ads masquerading as e-mails at the top of my gmail inbox.  But Ho Ho Ho, happy holidays and merry sales figures, the advertisements are back.  Now, I do not like advertisements, but I do like free […]

Parenting is Not a Job

There is a viral video making the rounds this week, in which a company put out a fake job listing and then interviewed some poor suckers who, you know, actually need work, and then told them they would have to work 24-7 with no breaks, no pay, no vacations, etc.  And then, at the end, […]

The Difference Between Vermonters and Californians

So I was checking the weather the other day, trying to decide if it was going to be warm enough to head over to the swimming hole, when an advertisement caught my eye.  Now, unlike other forms of ads, I have no problem with looking at some product placement if it means I get to […]

Consumer Abuse

Look, I know the point of capitalism is to take all of my money using any method possible, and if you think economic health is the end-all and be-all of life and country, well then I guess you are in the apparent majority, but seriously, enough is enough. This particular rant has nothing to do […]