We Flew to the Wrong City, But at Least We Got the Right State

We got up on Tuesday morning and prepared for the day like we would any other. The kids went off to school, my wife went to work, and I headed over to church for meetings before teaching a voice lesson at the college. But at lunch time we switched gears. The kids were pulled out […]

Twelve Adventures: #5 – Helicopters, Battleships, and the Empire State

Tenor Mom and I were up last night trying to decide how many official adventures this Make-a-Wish trip constituted. Clearly more than one, right? I mean, every day was an adventure! And some days we had several adventures! So maybe we count some and not others, or maybe we divide them up by day, or maybe […]

Three Days to Adventure!

It’s getting real up in here people! We are three days away from Edward’s Make-a-Wish adventure trip to New York City, and we have the details. Well, most of the details. Okay, none of the details. But we have the schedule and the general overview, and this trip is going to be packed! It is going […]

A Startling Conversation With Airline Customer Service

It had been a long week, and we were ready to get home. The Kansas City Seven headed out early from the last conference session and drove to the airport to catch our 2:40 flight to LaGuardia, where we would have a three hour layover before boarding that last plane home to Vermont. We checked the […]

Screaming at Planes

Yesterday I went to a MOMS Club event at the airport.  We all went up to the observation tower with our toddlers (and Ruby because it is school vacation week) and watched the airplanes.  To a toddler, this is the most exciting thing ever. As the planes landed, taxied, and took off, all of the […]

Jiggety Jig

I am home again, home again.  Back to Vermont, back to the snow, and back to my family.  After staying up much too late at a cast party the night before (and getting home to the realization that I had not packed at all yet), I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6 am.  […]