Home Invasion, Ghost, or Magic?

I was in the kitchen, dicing red peppers for my chili, when it happened.  My wife was at work, both children were at school, and I was alone in the house, save for the dog curled up and snoring on the couch.  Suddenly, the eerie silence was broken by the rev of a small motor. […]

Safety: With Guns? or From Guns?

Americans like to feel safe.  In fact, I might even go so far as to say that we have an unhealthy obsession with safety.  McDonalds’ coffee cups come equipped with a warning label, just so you know that it’s hot, and so you don’t sue them when you inevitably burn yourself.  One whacko tries (and […]

The Best Time For Bad Guys

As we were driving home from preschool yesterday, Ruby and I had this conversation: Ruby: “I think the best time for bad guys to come out is at night, right?” Me: “Yes, because it is dark, so people can’t see them, I guess.” Ruby: “Well, I have a nightlight in my room, so when I […]