How To Entertain Your Young Children at Fenway Park

This past weekend I accidentally took my family to the hottest, most boring place in the entire universe: Fenway Park. We were there to watch the Red Sox defeat the Astros 5-4, and while we did technically do that, we had to do a lot of other things as well because of how not cool […]

A Tale of Two Elmo Balloons

We took the family to see Sesame Street Live again yesterday.  This was our second time, and Ruby’s best friend from school came with us.  This worked out very well, except that this friend had brought money with her for a souvenir.  That meant that we had to shell out money for stuff for our […]

Stop Eating Balloons

Look Edward, I know you can’t read this yet, or even technically speak English, but I am begging you, stop trying to eat balloons.  Balloons are not food.  Perhaps you have noticed their tendency to violently explode into your face when you bite into them.  Although if you have, in fact, noticed this, it has […]