If you go back and read my very first posts, and they are on here somewhere, you will remember that I once lived in Baltimore. I spent 5 years there, sitting in traffic on 695, taking my daughter to Storyville, walking through Herring Run Park, eating at Cafe Hon, stopping in to Atomic Books, watching […]

Cat Burglars

My cats are currently forbidden to go outside, due to the communal laws of the co-op in which we live, and this makes them very angry.  You see, they used to be able to go outside whenever they wanted, which was certainly nice for them, but not always nice for us. When we lived in […]

What Kids Remember

Kids have weird memories.  I always wonder what kinds of stuff they will actually recall from their childhood, and what will be lost to them.  For instance, both of my children were born in the same house in Baltimore, and Ruby can still describe it pretty well.  Edward only lived there for 6 months, so […]