How We Accidentally Snuck Into Comic Con and Met Stan Lee

Today is my wedding anniversary. Well, not just mine actually. I should say that it is¬†our wedding anniversary. When my wife walked down the aisle 14 years ago I thought I would never love her more. Of course that was before she bought me the best anniversary present ever. Who knew that after 14 years, […]

Twelve Adventures: #3 – Boston!

Yes, we had to take a trip to Boston Children’s Hospital as a part of our continuing family epilepsy adventure, but there was no chance that we were going to take such a trip without injecting a whole lot of fun into it. Life is full of many kinds of adventures, and it’s important to […]

What We Talked About Yesterday At Boston Children’s Hospital

First off, thank you all for caring so much about our little family. Thank you for the messages, thoughts, ideas, prayers, and support. As you know if you are a regular reader of this page, we had a very rough fall. One of the most oft-suggested piece of advice during our time of trial was […]

Too Many Conflicting Reports – I’ll Just Wait for the Movie

Normally I would be sitting down today to write something silly about something that Ruby had said, or that Edward had peed on.  Or perhaps I would be giving helpful musical advice, or singing silly songs.  But not today.  Today I, like much of America, am sitting in front of news coverage of a crazy […]