The Bubba Fairy

When Ruby was two and addicted to pacifiers, or “Binkies” as she called them, we informed her that the Binky Fairy was going to be coming to take all of them away one night, but that the Binky Fairy would be leaving her an exciting present.  “Now Tenor Dad,” I can hear you saying, “are […]

Bad Parenting Confession

I have a confession to make.  My three year old still drinks out of a baby bottle.  Every night.  And every morning.  And whenever else I need him to be quiet.  I know.  I KNOW!  It’s bad for his teeth.  It’s bad overall.  There is nothing in any literature anywhere expressing the point of view […]

Nipple Hunt

A baby bottle is comprised of three distinct pieces.  There is the bottle, of course, which is the main body of the thing, generally made of glass or plastic, and its job is to hold the milk (or juice, or similar beverage).  Then you have the screwy-ony-twisty-holdy part, or the “ring,” which is used to […]