Are Our Brains Being Rewired Against Classical Music Concerts?

When I worked at Chorus America, I spent a lot of time around choruses and talking to them about their pressing issues.  I have sung in more choruses than I can count (not true, I am just too lazy to count them), and there are a few issues that spring eternal.  One issue was the […]

In My Humanity I Have Grown Bored With Paradise

I am spending this week in New York again, preparing for a concert at Carnegie Hall.  You may recall that I worked with Carnegie Hall a few months ago on a recording project in which I sang the choral tenor lines from Carmina Burana for a learning track that they were sending out to students.  […]

Victim of Textual Assault

When we last left Tenor Dad, he was unsuccessfully making his way to Carnegie Hall, but not to worry dear readers! As it turns out, the recording session I was doing was not at Carnegie Hall at all, but at a recording studio near the Bowery, nowhere near the actual Hall.  I made it just […]