The 58th Annual Grammy Nominees for Best Children’s Album

Hey everyone! In case you didn’t notice, the Grammy nominations were announced this week! This is very exciting, unless you were not nominated, in which case this sucks. I was not nominated. But it’s ok! I am not bitter! It could be because I did not release any albums this past year! I will blame […]

Watchers and Doers, Sitters and Singers

In any arts organization that provides some sort of live production (and probably those that don’t), there is a constant struggle to fill the seats with more butts.  For financial reasons, ticket sales are important.  For spiritual reasons, audience cultivation gives one a sense of purpose and the hope that perhaps one is not wasting […]

The Chorus America Pumpkin: A Short History

One of my first jobs out of college was at Chorus America, the national non-profit service organization for choral music, choral singers, conductors, and administrators.  I started out as a summer temp, became the office manager, and ended up as the database administrator and webmaster.  But no matter how often or drastically my job description […]

The Impact of a Good Teacher

Two years ago I wrote a post that explained why I did not become a mathematician.  It was a negative story about a negative experience with a negative person.  But it suddenly occurs to me that I ought to tell you the story of why I became a musician.  This is a more positive story […]