Vertical 2nd Grade Mustache Party

“8-year-old birthday parties are really fun!” I said to one of the moms who was coming to pick up her daughter. She gave me a half smile and asked, “Are you being facetious?” And I totally wasn’t. Friends! 8-year-olds are AWESOME! We have turned the page! It is a new day! A third cliché of […]

Why I Was Not Mad At My Wife

It was Wednesday, which meant that I had to pick the girl up from climbing. The boy did not want to go. I had left him home once before when I biked over to get her at top speed, but it was too snowy and icy to bike now, and I was not going to […]

The Inter-Child, One-Man, High Speed Relay Race

Well, it’s Wednesday again.  That means that Ruby has climbing after school.  She has so enjoyed the climbing walls at the Renaissance Festival, and she has scaled every tree on our property, so we thought she would like to take a climbing course this year.  And we were right.  She loves it.  Although I hope […]