Tenor Dad Occupies Wall Street

So I’m here in New York for my recital, and I basically had a free day, so I thought, what better way to spend it than to occupy Wall Street?  And that’s what I did. Now, I must admit, I had heard that Batman might be there, so that was an added incentive to check […]

Attack of the Elmo Balloons

As a parent, it is my fondest desire to give my children all of the things I always wanted but never got as a kid.  It never seems to occur to me that there were reasons I never got those things.  As soon as I think of something I used to want as a child, […]

Controlling the Cookie Monster Population

This city has a problem.  It’s not just the bedbugs anymore, now it’s the Cookie Monsters.  It’s also the Elmos, but mostly the Cookie Monsters.  People, please have your Cookie Monsters spayed or neutered.  There are so many of them wandering the streets now, that it’s hard to even walk down the sidewalk without tripping […]