My Son Is Cool. I’m Screwed.

I remember what cool kids were like. Never being cool myself I still saw them around, or in movies and television shows. There were a few hallmarks of being cool that are instantly recognizable, and I am seeing them now in my son. I’m in big trouble. HE¬†TAKES RISKS If you are an overly-cautious worry-wort, […]

Musical Instruments Ranked in Order of How Cool They Make You

Kids, you may be thinking about learning a musical instrument.  This is a good idea for many reasons.  It will give you an enjoyable life-long hobby.  It will improve your brain and motor functions, causing you to do better in school.  And it will also affect your social standing.  The hard fact of the matter […]

Being Cool Sounds Fun

I am not now, nor have I ever been, cool.  But it sounds like it would be fun.  I’d love to try it out.  I see cool people from time to time, and they always seem to be having fun, whether they are starting jukeboxes with their fists, simply laughing with friends in a devil-may-care […]