I’m Sick of This LGBTQIAPK Garbage

I was perusing Facebook yesterday, as one does, when I came across a video shared by my friend Phony Toot. Phony had been watching a few too many Ted Talks I think, and she posted a video with the title “Hey Doc, Some Boys are Born Girls,” and I thought, before watching it, oh no, here […]

We Have Moved From an Culture of Belief to a Culture of Skepticism

I was nerding out with some friends last night around a gaming table, laughing, playing, eating, and enjoying the break from real life for a few hours. In the midst of all of this I heard, quite clearly, a train whistle. I instinctively looked around the table to see whose phone had made the noise. […]

Old Enough to Know Better, Young Enough to Care

My friends, we have arrived in that most restrictive and freedom-free period in our lives where the societal judgement is at its peak and no decision we make is free from the sarcastic barbs of popular opinion. Everything, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat, is deemed worthy or unworthy by a […]

I Am Not an Amazon Mom. I am #AmazonFamilyUS

First of all, I am aware that some products, programs, and services are actually marketed to women. Let me just get that out of the way. I do not want “Woman’s Day” magazine to change their name to “Person’s Day.” They know their target audience, and they are going for it with gusto. This does […]

What if No Always Meant No, Right From Day One?

No means no, yes?  This is what we are attempting to impress upon our young men and women as they enter the world of adult relationships and interactions.  But no, in fact, doesn’t always mean no.  Sometimes no means yes, and this is the argument that many have used over the years to justify their […]

Chivalry is Just a Euphemism for Sexism

Yes, all women.  Yes, all men.  Yes, all humans.  We are all in the world together, and we all participate in it.  Even when we don’t want to and don’t mean to, there we are.  Participating.  Even when we fight the system, rage against the machine, and work diligently to change ourselves and others, there […]