If You Have to Be Home For Bedtime, It’s Not Date Night

We all need a night off now and then, to reconnect with our spouses and our sanity. Just one evening of escape from the duties of parenting every now and again feels miraculous. But let’s be honest, if you have to be home for bedtime, it doesn’t count. Bedtime is perhaps the single most complicated, […]

Arbortrek Canopy Zipline Tour

In case you somehow missed it, last Friday was my 10th wedding anniversary.  Yes, yes, please hold your applause to the end.  As I was informed by a friend involved in a 49 year marriage (and counting), we are still newlyweds.  But still, a decade of loooooove seems like it deserves some celebration, so we […]

Either Someone Died or My Mother Is Really Annoying

Like all people, every now and again I need to rant about my mother in a public forum that she will read about later.  This is one of those times. So my wife and I were on our date Friday night, going to see the movie “Argo.”  This is a very fine film, by the […]