Why I Got Stopped For Driving While Black

I have had run-ins with the police before. Generally I am driving too fast, or have a headlight out, or am destroying the DC metro system (not that it needs any help), but almost all of these interactions have been, in a way, pleasant. I am polite to the officers, apologizing for my heinous crimes, […]

I Was Kicked Off the D.C. Metro For Life. Twice.

The metro system used to close at midnight every single day of the week, including weekends. So it was when I was at school, and so it was when I begin my story. There also used to be no movie theaters in Georgetown or Foggy Bottom, so we movie buffs of The George Washington University […]

9 Years Ago Today

I woke up as usual and took the metro to downtown Washington, DC, ready to start my day at Chorus America.  It was a fairly quiet Tuesday morning.  My roommates were on their honeymoon in Canada, so I had the house to myself and I felt pretty relaxed.  The first I heard that anything was […]