Your Presents Are Hidden Right There. Don’t Look.

I am, at my core, a rule follower. Yes, I like to bend them, twist them, squeak around them, and change them if I can, but in my heart of hearts I like rules. My daughter is the same way. Once there is a rule, that is it. She follows it, and expects everyone else […]

I Was a Door-To-Door Rollerskating Christmas Tree Salesman

I was in college.  I needed money.  Because college.  And so I would pretty much do anything for it.  I made pizzas until 3 am.  I filed applications in the admissions office.  I sang concerts and solos and hymns and valentine-o-grams.  And once, for a few weeks in November and December, I was a door-to-door […]

What I Should Have Said To That Guy

Here is what actually occurred last night while on a pizza delivery: Me: That will be $23.79.Punk: Ok, here’s $24.Me: (standing, waiting incredulously)Punk: Soooo, is that it? Here is what SHOULD have happened: Version 1Me: That will be $23.79.Punk: Ok, here’s $24.Me: Huh.  You know, you may not be aware of this, but it is […]