How Toy Grammy Broke My Dishwasher and Saved My Life

“My mother broke the dishwasher,” I texted to my wife. “She ripped the door off of the front of it.” “Or, she just touched it and it fell to pieces because it was old and crappy. Depends on who you ask,” I finished. As usual, when Toy Grammy comes over…things happen. And also as usual, […]

New Heights of Naughtiness and Destruction

The first thing that my two-year-old son Edward did yesterday was to make a decision.  There’s no way he could have been so naughty and so destructive just by chance.  No, he had to have been working hard at it intentionally.  As soon as his sister left for school he immediately went upstairs into her […]

Portable Dishwasher

Our new place does not have a dishwasher.  I suppose that for many people, and historically most humans, this is not a problem, but I have never lived in a house without a dishwasher.  I mean, I probably did growing up at some point, but ever since I can remember, I have done the dishes […]

Edward Does the Dishes

Edward, like Ruby before him (and possibly like every one-and-a-half-year-old), loves to put things in other things and take them out again.  Packing and unpacking boxes, putting toys in and out of the toybox, and taking clothes out of the drawer, unfolding them, and then stuffing them back in are all activities that he enjoys […]