My Eight-Year-Old Learns to Drive

Every day he asks me if he can drive the car. When I decline his generous offer my 8-year-old son asks if he can at least start the car. And maybe release the e-break. And then shift it into reverse for me so we can pull out of the parking spot. And I often say […]

Highway Tempo

Driving down the interstate at Break. Neck. Speed. That’s when all those officers Arrive. For. Me. “Step out of your vehicle!” they scream, “Get! Out!” “You were doing 93…” I’m sorry sir, but I was driving fast cause I, was listening to the I sley Brothers “Twist and Shout.” Driving down the interstate at Slow…er…speed. […]

Why I Got Stopped For Driving While Black

I have had run-ins with the police before. Generally I am driving too fast, or have a headlight out, or am destroying the DC metro system (not that it needs any help), but almost all of these interactions have been, in a way, pleasant. I am polite to the officers, apologizing for my heinous crimes, […]

The Big Make-a-Wish Reveal!

It’s official. We have a Wish Kid in the family! This is the first time I’ve posted here about it, because I didn’t want to jump the gun, but now it’s really real! Back in the fall, the hellish, hellish fall, we were recommended to the Make-a-Wish foundation by our pediatrician. This was very nice, […]

A Tale of Three Postcards – A Pre-Wedding Adventure

It wasn’t like I didn’t have enough time. Bleric Ack had mentioned to me, oh, four months earlier that they were thinking of replacing the traditional wedding guest book with a stack of postcards. The cool idea was that each guest would bring a postcard from where they were from, or from where they had […]

What She Saw in the Rocks

Edward is at camp this week, which means that Ruby and I get to spend our days hanging out and having fun adventures. It’s a great thing to get some one-on-one time with her, since that is so rare these days. Edward and I get a lot of time together, but there don’t seem to […]

The 5 Songs Most Likely to Get Me Pulled Over

Did you know that supermarkets have calculated the exact tempo of song that will cause you to purchase the highest amount of groceries? It’s true. If the song is too slow, you will be sad and depressed and not buy any food, and if the song is too fast you will move quickly through the […]

Racing a Bus at the DMV

I walked in at 10:30, prepared this time. I had my passport. I had my social security card, signed sloppily by 7-year-old me. I had a check stub. I had several pieces of mail. I had the vial of blood. I was ready to renew my driver’s license. Thirty minutes they told me, and I […]

6 Cars

When that guy slammed into the side of our car in a desperate effort to get to Texas Roadhouse for some steaks, it set off a terrible chain of events that has only now been resolved, nearly two months later. You see, the guy was not insured. Luckily, Geico came to our rescue. Even though they […]

Letting It Go at the Stratton Ice Castle

I don’t think I can sing Geico’s praises highly enough, which might be a weird way to start a story about an ice palace, but if it wasn’t for their helpful rule-bending then we wouldn’t have been able to go. After our car was smashed into by an uninsured villain motorist on Thursday, we were left […]