Why I Opted Out of Google’s Targeted Advertising

I thought it had gone away.  It had been quite some time since I had last seen mini banner ads masquerading as e-mails at the top of my gmail inbox.  But Ho Ho Ho, happy holidays and merry sales figures, the advertisements are back.  Now, I do not like advertisements, but I do like free […]

The Aftermath of Terror

For many people on this day 13 years ago, terror reigned supreme; for many of them it also ended that day.  Lives were cut short in a terrible, fearsome way, and the United States of America suddenly got to deal with a reality that much of the rest of the world lives with on a […]

How Freedom Actually Works

Recently I came across a graphic online that had two images side by side.  One was a picture of birth control pills, and the other was the constitution.  Underneath it were the words “Which is More Important?  Free Birth Control or Freedom?”  It occurs to me that many people in this country are confused as […]