Letting It Go at the Stratton Ice Castle

I don’t think I can sing Geico’s praises highly enough, which might be a weird way to start a story about an ice palace, but if it wasn’t for their helpful rule-bending then we wouldn’t have been able to go. After our car was smashed into by an uninsured villain motorist on Thursday, we were left […]

How We Got Up the Other Side

Turning around to walk back in the direction of the car, I saw a road. A ROAD! Seriously?! After plunging boots first over an icy cliff and sliding through a gauntlet of trees and thorns to wind up on somebody’s second story deck on the way down, I was a little chagrined to see that, […]

Disney On Ice – Turns Out It’s A Lot of Ice Skating

When I was a kid, watching Saturday morning cartoons, there was nothing so tantalizingly amazing as the commercials for Disney on Ice.  Disneyland?  Yeah, we knew we were probably not going there, but Disney on Ice?!  That was coming to US!  Chances are you knew way more people who had been to Disney on Ice […]

Big Hero 6 – A Team of 4?

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I caved.  We have a family tradition that involves going to see a movie over Thanksgiving weekend, and this year we had already chosen Big Hero 6 as our obvious choice.  But then, we just couldn’t wait.  Well, I just couldn’t wait.  It looked so gooooood!  I had to seeeeee it!  Ahhhhhhh!  And so […]

A Child’s Reaction to the First Snow of Winter

Okay, look, I know that we had a few late night flurries last week, and I know that it is not technically winter yet, but my children did not see that snow, and as far as they are concerned, if it’s snowing, it’s winter.  So let us start with the baseline assumption that, according to […]

Violence is Easy, Sex is Hard

In the years before I had children, and even for much of the past seven years of parenting, I have loudly and indignantly declared to anyone who would listen that I would much rather show my children sex than violence.  I pretentiously and self-righteously condemned our culture of guns and machismo, wondering at great volume […]

The Aftermath of Terror

For many people on this day 13 years ago, terror reigned supreme; for many of them it also ended that day.  Lives were cut short in a terrible, fearsome way, and the United States of America suddenly got to deal with a reality that much of the rest of the world lives with on a […]

15 Translations For Common Lies

LIE                                                                                TRANSLATION That’s Plenty………………………………………That’s Way Too Much I’m Fine……………………………………………..I Don’t Want To Tell You How Bad I […]

The Latest 25 Mix – July 2014

It’s about time!  I finally filled up my “Latest 25” mix on my iPod with all new songs!  As you know, when I hear a song that I want to listen to one hundred more times I stick it on this mix, and then bump the oldest one off the list, so I have a constantly […]

Anna/Elsa the Pugpoo Pikachu

When we traded our cats to my mother in exchange for a new puppy, we didn’t actually bring home any baby dogs.  Puppies cannot leave their mothers for at least 8 weeks, and our new bundle of destruction joy wasn’t old enough.  Until yesterday.  On my mother’s 60th birthday, we arrived for cake, ice cream, and […]