A Death on My Watch

I have been to some funerals in my life: all four of my grandparents’, my great grandmother’s, and more recently my cousin’s. All have affected me in some way, but I have never lost someone geographically close to me before. I have lost friends from high school, and old teachers, but these were people I […]

The Divisive Politics of Multi-Family Funerals

My grandmother died seven years ago, after a lengthy coma and long illness.  No one can seem to decide how long the coma lasted, but we all agree that it was somewhere between 9 and 14 years.  Long enough so that we can’t remember anymore just how long it was.  Five years ago, my grandfather […]

Nana’s Funeral

I rode to Scituate, Massachusetts in a fifteen passenger van filled with six children, two siblings, a wife, a mother, a brother-in-law, and myself.  The heat was either on, or off, so we drove most of the way with the heat on and various windows being opened and closed.  The radio display was broken, so […]