Diary of Bad Parental Decisions, Entry #1723: Hosed Down With Gasoline

Sometimes I make good decisions.  Other times I make what I think are good decisions at the time, but they don’t turn out well in the end.  And then sometimes I just do stupid, stupid things.  Yesterday was one of those times. Edward, my three year old, is very interested in cars.  Lately he has […]

Gas Leak!

We had a bit of excitement at the ol’ Tenor Dad place last evening.  My wife got home from work, just as the rest of us were arriving home from seeing the doctor about Edward’s new ear infection, and she used her powerful nose-like abilities to detect that there was a gas smell in our […]

The Paradox of Gas Prices

Argument OneThe gas prices in this country are out of control.  Over the past ten years a corrupt industry has milked every last dollar out of the American people, and they show no signs of stopping.  Prices should obviously rise with inflation, but as this graph shows, prices have risen out of control.  When adjusted […]