Daddy, Will You Take Me Hunting?

This was not a question I ever wanted to answer, but there it was, hanging in midair between my son and I we were driving home. Would I take him hunting? I mean, of course not! I have never fired a gun, do not plan on ever firing a gun, have no interest in guns […]

If I Ran My House According to Gun Logic

Whenever I post my opinion on guns, which is that maybe there ought to be fewer of them in the world, the people of the opposite opinion come out in droves to attack and insult me. And a select few of them even attempt conversation on the subject, explaining to me that gun laws will […]

Privacy is a Myth; Please Don’t Shoot Me

You all know who I am. Probably. While I don’t include my name on this site (mostly), I don’t think it would be too hard for someone to figure out who “Tenor Dad” really is. After all, I post everything I write through my personal Facebook page, and I assume that nobody else is so […]

What Lockdowns are for, According to My Daughter

“I just remembered something that happened at school today, ’cause┬áI told Mace ‘I’m gonna have a good story to tell my Dad!’” We were sitting at Friendly’s having ice cream while Edward was off at Taekwan-do finally getting his green belt, and Ruby had finally remembered something that had happened at school, other than “nothing” […]

Safety: With Guns? or From Guns?

Americans like to feel safe.  In fact, I might even go so far as to say that we have an unhealthy obsession with safety.  McDonalds’ coffee cups come equipped with a warning label, just so you know that it’s hot, and so you don’t sue them when you inevitably burn yourself.  One whacko tries (and […]