Do You Have a Pet Disaster Plan?

Last week I had the privilege of participating in an online video chat with Dr. Kurt Venator: Purina Veterinarian. The subject? What happens to your pet in the event of a natural disaster. Purina, which actually does a lot to help out during natural disasters by donating pet food and other supplies, wanted some help […]

The Roof Collapsed, and Other Problems

Ruby is going on a field trip today.  Normally this would be very exciting (and in fact, it is very exciting to her), but the field trip is to the sister school a few towns over, and the reason for the field trip is that the roof collapsed. Tuesday morning we drove up to the […]

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Throughout history and across time, a few questions echo in our collective human subconsciousness with greater intensity than any others.  Why are we here?  What happens after death?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Many religions attempt to answer these questions, some in more definitive ways than others, but after surviving a hurricane […]

Blog You Like a Hurricane

Hurricane Irene was not kind to Vermont.  With massive flooding and major damage all over the state, we are in disaster mode currently.  In fact, yesterday I had to evacuate my own personal house because that stupid beaver dammed up our stream and it overflowed.  Of course, it may not have been the beaver’s fault […]

Evacuation Fail

I did not think that Hurricane Irene was going to affect Vermont very much. The news was full of apocalyptic predictions for New York City and Boston, but Vermont only ever gets the tail ends of these things, and I was not worried at all. I did not fill the bathtub with water (drinking tub […]