That’s It! Christmas is Cancelled!

It is not courtyard season. We don’t see our neighbors as often as we do during the summer, when the children play on the hill and the adults sit on benches drinking cold drinks. Now if we see a familiar face, it is bundled up under a scarf or a hat, and it is only […]

Games With Friends and the Responsibilities Entailed

It all started with “Words With Friends.”  Not really.  Technically it started with Scrabulous, which was shut down by Scrabble to protect its copyright, but for purposes of this discussion, let’s start with Words With Friends.  This game, which is extremely similar to Scrabble (but not at all the same, for trademark reasons), was sprung […]

The Best iPhone Apps for Kids

The iPhone is, to modern day parents, what I’m sure the pacifier was to parents of the early 1900’s.  A life saving (or at least sanity saving) device that will keep your children quiet on long car (or horse & carriage) trips, as well as a welcome distraction for those times when you need them […]