Burdened With the Oppressive Weight of Me

“I wonder where they get that from.” My wife has said this to more times than I can count. And her message is clear and correct. The older my children get, the more of my flaws I see starting to sprout in them. It’s horrifying. How do we get my daughter to be less rigid? This […]

I Joined Snapchat and Learned an Important Lesson

There has been a shift in the wind, and the dad bloggers are heading over to Snapchat. Obviously, this means that Snapchat is no longer cool and will soon die a slow death, but for now you can find me there as thetenordad. Go ahead and add me. It’s okay. We are friends. So I’m […]

How to Become a Household Word

We have famous people today, but I can’t think of any who are so famous as to become eponymous. Nobody goes around saying “What are you some kind of Obama or something?” or “Look guys, we got us a real Bill Gates over here!” No, maybe that will come later, after legacies are cemented, but […]