The Desert of Maine – A Place Out of Place

Did you know that there is a desert in Maine?  You know, sand dunes, camels, an oasis, etc.  Well if you didn’t, don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Alex Trebek didn’t either, and when someone on Jeopardy answered “What is the Desert of Maine” to the answer “This is the eastern-most desert in the US,” Alex […]

Grampy & Sons Parenting Inc.

I am in Maine visiting my father.  My wife is not here.  HIS wife is not here.  For the first time ever in our entire lives, we are here together without women, trying to control small children.  And we are not well-suited to the task.  I mean, I am, obviously, but as a parenting team […]

A Life in Ornaments

As soon as my wife and I were married we decided on a few things.  The first was that we were going to travel the world together and have amazing adventures.  This kicked off immediately as we honeymooned in Mexico, Belize, and the Caymen Islands, thanks to a Carnival cruise.  The second was that we […]

Lighthouse Tour of Portland, Maine

This past weekend the family and I headed north east to Maine to visit my father.  Normally when we visit him we don’t go out and do things.  We stay home and hang out.  This time, however, we had pre-planned a trip to Portland to see some lighthouses.  This is a great family activity, because […]

My Mother Is Dead in Maine

Let me begin by assuring you that my mother is alive and well, although some people find this hard to believe.  In fact, even when presented with seemingly incontrovertible evidence, such as meeting her in person, some people find this hard to believe.  I say this because of a few strange encounters at my father’s […]