A Tale of Three Postcards – A Pre-Wedding Adventure

It wasn’t like I didn’t have enough time. Bleric Ack had mentioned to me, oh, four months earlier that they were thinking of replacing the traditional wedding guest book with a stack of postcards. The cool idea was that each guest would bring a postcard from where they were from, or from where they had […]

Nostalgia Is So Last Decade

When I moved from Baltimore to Vermont two years ago, it made me a little sad.  Sure, I was happy to be moving back to the state I grew up in, and I was excited to see family and old friends, but there was a lot that I liked about my old life and I […]

FML 666

Having lived in Vermont for 9 months now (though gone for 4 of them) I decided that it was time to get my VT driver’s license and register my car.  And also the car registration was expiring on July 1st.  I went online and gathered all of the information I would need because I have […]