Maybe is the New Yes

Ahhhhhh, maybe.  That magical word that lives in the nether realms between yes and no, and which always means one or the other and you know it.  To paraphrase a great Jedi master I once knew, “Yes or yes not.  There is no maybe.”  ‘Maybe’ is a code word that, as far as I knew […]

Wednesday Night in the E.R.

Last night we went to a party at a farm.  It was promising to be a really fun night, with tons of delicious looking food to eat (lobster!) and good friends to talk to.  My five year old daughter Ruby was off playing with one of her friends and my wife and I enjoyed some […]

Things I Will Miss Forever

A very sad thing happened to me last night.  As we are in the middle of moving (again!) and I had not unpacked the kitchen yet, the family spent another exciting dinner at the mall food court.  I went up to the Taco Bell and tried to order my usual, except my usual no longer […]