The Death of Dye

When my son was small (or was he ever small?  I can’t recall…), he was not allowed to have red things.  After one too many red Kool Aids or red Tummy Yummies, or red Popsicles that caused vomiting or other general illness, we decided that he was allergic to red dye, and so when we […]

To Beat the Marathon, You Must Become the Marathon

I was just trying to follow the rules and get to work.  Unfortunately my work often takes place on Sunday morning, marathon or no marathon.  But I carefully read and studied the signage and knew that, while I generally left my house around 8:45, the main road downtown would be closed at 8:30.  I would […]

Have a Reflective Memorial Day

Number of US Deaths in World War II – 405,399 Number of US Deaths in the Korean War – 36,516 Number of US Deaths in the Vietnam War – 58,209 Number of US Deaths in the War on Terror – 6,518 and counting Percentage of Americans affected – 100%

Memorial Day

I really was going to write a blog yesterday, even though my wife told me it was a holiday and I didn’t have to, but the day kind of got away from me.  The day included a parade, a BBQ, and the beginning of the dreaded tech week. Our Memorial Day began with the realization […]