The Night Voices

Edward was creeping down the stairs again as I tried to finish reading Ruby her story. My wife took the turn this time and brought him back upstairs as I continued with Harry Potter. It was unusual for Edward to be out of bed; we had won a long and hard bedtime routine battle and […]

Shut the Howl Up

They grit their teeth and bear it for the first few seconds, like most people, but when it doesn’t stop they finally realize they have to say something. Aren’t they in charge after all? “Edward! Please stop making that noise!” Their pleas fall on deaf ears. At least I assume all the ears in the […]

I Swear This Was Not My Idea!

No, seriously. This was not my idea. I was just sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when Edward came up to me with the roll of tape. He was being loud, as usual, and I was concerned with our dwindling tape supply after the previous few tape incidents. Last time he’d found the […]