The Divided Kingdom – Brexit, Trump, & the United Methodist Church

Yesterday our cousins over in England voted to cut themselves off from their neighbors and leave the European Union in what is now know as the Brexit. This decades-long exercise in cooperation and tolerance has come to an end for the people of England, formerly of the United Kingdom. I say formerly of the United […]

The Government is Dead! Long Live the Government!

Why do we even need a government?  I mean, look, we have plenty of laws, so there’s no reason to have a congress at all.  Let ’em shut down!  Who needs ’em?!  And we’re getting the health care anyway, regardless of whether or not the government shuts down or not.  It’s all pre-funded and in […]


This is not a post on whether or not The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a good thing or not.  Like most legislation it has its good parts and its bad parts, but that is not what I care about today.  What I want to talk about is the stupid partisanship surrounding the […]