Peeps and Mountain Dew

Well, it is officially Lent.  In the past, I have tried to give up something for Lent, although this year all of my plans have been thwarted.  I had originally thought that I would give up staying up past midnight, but then I had to pick my mother up at the airport at midnight last […]

I Can’t Put It Down

So as I try to better myself as a person, I am paying attention to things that I do, in order to decide whether they are good, bad, helpful, hurtful, or inconsequential.  Here’s something weird that I noticed.  If I am eating something with my hands, like say a cheeseburger, or a slice of pizza, […]

Math and OCD

While I have never been officially diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, I know the signs, and I know that I am a little OCD, but generally not to the degree that it interferes with my life.  Then there are days that it makes itself known and I have to roll my eyes at myself. One […]