Captain Hindsight’s Tips for International Travel

Hello citizens! Captain Hindsight here. Recently, the missus and I took the little hindsights on a trip across the border to Canada. Using my unique super powers, I now know many important travel tips that have come to me after the fact. And because I am a do-gooder, I will now share this important information […]

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothing

It was the night before her birthday. She was finally in bed asleep (i.e. reading), and that meant it was time to wrap the presents. Turning 9 doesn’t happen every day, so there were some good gifts stashed away in our secret gift location. When I got to the end of the pile, I came […]

Pants-Optional Bach Festival

I suppose it all started with the shoes.  The black shoes that I normally wear with my tuxedo had two broken laces, and I didn’t have time to get to a store for new ones.  I did have my black Italian leather dress boots that I often wear for auditioning or performing, but they didn’t […]

The Theory of Conservation of Pants

I change most of my clothes every day.  I would never think to wear the same shirt twice without washing it, and in fact I feel weird even wearing the same color shirt two days in a row, in case it looked like I was wearing the same shirt.  And yet, when it comes to […]