Maximum Freedom, Minimum Responsibility

Do you know what kids always want?  To grow up.  To be a little older.  To be a little taller.  To be a little bigger.  This is because they are kids, and they have no idea of the crushing responsibility that awaits them as an adult.  Although they may have some idea.  Ruby told me […]

When People Don’t Get Your Pop Culture References

The other night, after a particularly busy burger night, I was commiserating with a fellow employee about how dirty and tired we were.  I noticed a layer of ash covering my hands and arms, which prompted me to say “They look like good strong hands, don’t they?  I always thought that’s what they were.”  This […]

Ruby’s Quotes of the Day

My four-year-old says a lot of funny things.  So many, in fact, that I started a semi-regular facebook status update series entitled “Ruby Quote of the Day,” which is very popular amongst my friends and family.  A few of my favorites are “I just bounced this ball so high it went up to God’s chest!” […]