The Opera Alphabet (Which I Will Now Rap For You)

As you know, my wife is out of town. So I did this today. Happy Friday! Aida’s assaulted and attacked and angers Amneris Also Andrea Chenier agitates all Paris But Billy Budd’s bod by Benjamin Britten Is Bangin’ and Boomin’. Opera bug has bitten. Callas can clearly communicate Carmen And Cecilia’s Cosi is iconically charming […]

How to Write a Song

I like to write songs.  Some of them are okay.  Most of them are terrible.  A few might even be good.  But it occurs to me that people could be interested in how songwriting works, since music is this weird ephemeral thing that we sort of pull out of the air and create out of […]

Rap Music Is Music, But It’s Still Okay To Hate It

Back in the arrogant days of my youth, I firmly declared to anyone that would listen that rap was not real music.  Where were the notes?  Where were the pitches?  It was all just yelling and thumping as far as I was concerned, and I have heard this argument repeated by many other grumpy old […]