Chasing the Color Run

When my wife and daughter signed up to do the color run, they asked me if I wanted to do it with them, which meant taking our four-year-old son along as well.  I pointed out the fact that the color run was a 3 mile jog, during which assorted people threw bags of color in […]

To Beat the Marathon, You Must Become the Marathon

I was just trying to follow the rules and get to work.  Unfortunately my work often takes place on Sunday morning, marathon or no marathon.  But I carefully read and studied the signage and knew that, while I generally left my house around 8:45, the main road downtown would be closed at 8:30.  I would […]

Energy is Inversely Proportional to Exhaustion

I just read an article from National Geographic that was titled “Runners Show Less Fatigue After 200 Miles Than 100 Miles.”  The gist of the article is that, after testing muscles and blood for inflammation and fatigue on the molecular level, the people who had run twice as far were less tired.  This is being […]